What Do You See?

This post almost got lost in the mix. This is one last image from the show I went to a couple weeks back. I was surprised and pretty happy with how this one turned out.
Hope you like it!

693 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  1. Okay….strangely creative (but good!). Uhhh, what’s with the smiley face in the puddle? Starting a little BJH “artsy” icon that gets embedded in some offerings?……hrh

  2. This is really very good.

    anonymous: the smiley face button belongs to an acquaintance of that gentleman in the trenchcoat. The owner has accidentally dropped his smiley face button out the window due to the arrival of an unexpected visitor, but the man in the trenchcoat finds it in the gutter and retrieves it, intending to return it to its rightful owner. However, when he arrives at the home of his acquaintance, he finds that the owner of the button no longer resides there, so he keeps the button as a memento.

  3. Okay – I’m a big fan of your sketches in general, but this is without a doubt my favorite piece of yours I’ve ever seen. Everything about it is just exactly right, and the ripples from the button in the puddle is a perfect touch!

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