The Original Marvel Zombie

Back in the 70’s Marvel Comics published a bunch of black and white comics in magazine format.
There was a Hulk book, a Conan title, Kull but perhaps most notable were the horror mags. Books like Haunt of Horror, Tomb of Dracula, and Tales of the Zombie. These horror titles (published in this magazine format to avoid the Comics Code Authority) featured such classic Marvel characters as Brother Voodoo, Blade and Morbius. It was Tales of the Zombie that first introduced us to Simon Garth, The Zombie. Up until I was commissioned to do this piece I had always just thought of him as the zombie from the Marvel mag–I was surprised, and a little amused, to find out that he had a name. I did my best in this piece to capture the swampy, gothic vibe of the 70’s mags. I’ll leave it to you to decide if I did the character any justice.

159 thoughts on “The Original Marvel Zombie

  1. That is really impressive Brian! Amazing job on the background! The Zombie also looks damn good. I never read any stories with him, but remember him from my Marvel Handbooks. Someone has gotta be a happy customer!

  2. I have recently read the “Tales Of The Zombie” collection and while the original renditions look a bit more “heroic” (and certainly more muscular) I do find that your version suits the character perfectly. Simon Garth was, after all, a normal man turned zombie. I love the distant sadness in the facial expression. And, as always, gorgeous backgrounds.

  3. The very bizarre coincidence is that I just read and finished the Essential Tales of the Zombie 2 days ago. It was a great read, with many of the stories written by super-scribe Steve Gerber. The character came across much like the Man-Thing in his basic functioning and reactions to others. The series was a great read and this piece is awesome!

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