The 6th GUN, Part 5

I just finished the inks for the first issue yesterday!
Here are the very first conceptual pieces I did for THE 6th GUN based on the earliest pitch. Some of these characters remain in the story unchanged, some have been tweaked in their design and some have disappeared entirely. You’ll know which is which come this spring!

Have great weekend everyone!

158 thoughts on “The 6th GUN, Part 5

  1. Goodness, goodness, goodness. Spring 2010 can’t get here sooner. Loving this. I was thinking of getting a commission of The Damned, but now I might have to reconsider some 6th Gun instead.

  2. impressed BIGTIME!

    the 6th gun is something i’d kill to draw, though i think i’d chicken out with all those horses and crowd scenes, which you’ve handled with true grit and swagger – stunning!

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