About Time

It’s been a crazy month. Just wrapped up duties on the upcoming Jumper:Jumpscars TPB from Oni (see the 22 page preview here–scroll down a bit). After seeing the above image my friends asked me to clarify that it wasn’t called Jumper:Jumps Cars. They’re very funny…
Like everyone else I also had the holidays to contend with. Fortunately, that included a well deserved vacation with my immediate family in a cabin in the Smokey Mountains. Nice and relaxing. And this past week I’ve been in the process of moving into a new apartment. Just got the internet up and running here so I don’t have to rely on the wi-fi at the local cafe.
Anyway, below is a commish I did before the holidays that I’m finally getting around to posting. I have a couple more posts coming over the next week or so and then maybe we can get back on track.
Here’s to 2008!