In honor of the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, I’ve decided to FINALLY share with you a commission that I did a year ago.  I had a lot of fun with this Saruman vs Gandalf drawing. I particularly liked the way the stone floor and the stain glass windows turned out–I opted against line work and allowed for the ink washes to dictate the shapes there.

Death Scene

I’ve got a few commissions to share with you over the next few weeks.  These are pieces I’ve done in the past year or so but which, due to my blog neglect, have yet to see the light of day.  
First up, a commission of the Death I recently did for a friend:

Stay tuned–I’ll have more to share in the coming days!


“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.”
I have said many times that John Carpenter has been a big influence on my as a storyteller.  But, in my mind, THEY LIVE marked the end of an era.  Almost every film he made up through They Live was an instant classic (I might make exceptions for The Fog and Prince of Darkness) and The Thing remains one of my all-time favorite movies.  When I first saw They Live I was probably in my early teens and it didn’t do a lot for me.  But having seen it a couple times in recent years I have grown to appreciate it so much more.  I now consider it Carpenter’s least appreciated film (much of that probably has to do with the easily dismissed star, professional wrestler Roddy Roddy Piper, who is actually pretty good in this).  
All that said, I was excited to get this commission for the main man, Nada, and the opportunity to draw the world of this classic sci-fi.
due to scanner limitations the final image (at top of post) has actually been cropped at the top just a bit.  You can see the full composition in this prelim sketch.

The Brood. (or, El Brooderino, if, You Know, You’re Not Into the Whole Brevity Thing)

click the pic to big it
Here is another ink wash piece from my most recent batch of commissions! 
Being an old school X-Men fan, I had a blast drawing the Brood!  So much better than a gaggle of ninja.  This is also one of the rare occasions were I like a contemporary costume–in this case Rogue–though I will always be particular to her original green costume with the clean lines and hoodie (variations of the new costume pay tribute to the classic look).
Anyway, as always with large pieces, I first do a small pencil drawing which I then blow up and lightbox.

Turtle Mayhem

 click image to enlarge
The first of a handful of commissions that I did recently.  Never drew the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before so it was quite fun to jump into this one–hope that comes across!
Below is the initial prep sketch that I did which I then scanned and tightened up a little in Photoshop.  I then blow it up and print it at the final size (in this case 11″x17″) and lightbox it onto Bristol.  I then ink the entire thing with Sumi ink and a brush (Raphael or Windsor-Newton round sables, size 2 or 3).  The most time consuming part is doing the ink washes and building up those values.  When that is over I then go back in and go over some of the foreground inks with markers or brush as the black of the ink loses a little of it’s brilliance after doing the ink wash.

Big DAMNED Commission!

click above image to enlarge!
Maybe my favorite commission I’ve ever done.  I can’t believe I never posted this–it was done over two years ago! This piece was intended to have a noir movie poster vibe.  It’s a larger piece than I normally do as it is on 18″x24″ Bristol.  As with all my commissions it is all done by hand, including the red (I believe it was a water acrylic that was used).  Also, if memory serves, I did the line art on the background buildings in pen (either Microns or PITT) and all the foreground elements are brush and Sumi ink.  Tones, as always, are ink wash.
Below is the initial sketch, the rough pencils, rough pencils with logo blocked out and rough pencils with tones.

Open for Commissions!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to find time in my schedule for commissions!  As a matter of fact, it’s been over two years since I’ve done one of my full-on/Premiere/Platinum Edition commissions. But, now that I’m in a groove on Sixth Gun–and with Christmas just around the corner–I thought I’d open up the list.  There are a limited number of spots available so hit me up soon if you’re interested.

First off, I am changing the size and price on my commissions from what they used to be.  Looking at the samples I’ve provided here you can get a sense of what I put into them.  They are all inked with brush and Sumi ink and then toned with and ink wash.  This ends up taking a lot longer than the standard commission and so I’ve decided to bump up my prices from $150 to $250.  But, I’m also going to bump up the size of the art as well.  In the past, these commissions were all done on 11″x14″ Bristol.  The new standard will be 14″x17″.
I am not taking any smaller commissions or straight black and white ones at this point.  If I do so in the future I will post it here on the blog, through Twitter (@brihurtt), through tumblr (http://brihurtt.tumblr.com/), on my Facebook page, the Sixth Gun Facebook page, as a coded message on Craig’s List and possibly even through flag semaphore.
If you are interested in commissioning a 14″x17″, inked and toned illustration please email me: brihurtt@gmail.com
The details:
14″x17″ inked and toned illustration … $250
shipping and handling … $15 (in continental U.S.; $25 everywhere else)

“Queen & Country: Operation Morningstar” Revisited

(you definitely need to click on image and enlarge it!)
I was really glad to get the chance to do this illustration. I’ve had some variation of this image in my head for years (ever since my 3-issue run on Queen & Country) so, when someone asked me to do an illustration inside their hardback edition of the aforementioned story arc I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I was doubly nervous about this commission as it was in someone’s personal copy of the book and I was attempting to do a little watercolor for the first time in a commission. No room for mistakes! All said I think it turned out all right!
Note: Do not adjust your monitors–the paper inside the hard back has a marbled effect printed on it.