This Is the Day THE SIXTH GUN Made

It’s finally here!  The release of the oversized, Hardcover edition of the SIXTH GUN!  This book collects the first two story arcs (290+ pages) as well as having 70 pages of EXTRA material!  All printed on beautiful matte paper!  You can probably tell–I’m pretty proud of this bad boy.

Get to your shop and pick up your copy or have them order you one.  I’m telling you, YOU DESERVE THIS!
If you’ve been really good this X-Mas you can treat yourself to THE SIXTH GUN: GUNSLINGER EDITION!  This limited print run exclusive is only available through Oni and you can see the pretty pictures and order it:
In the meantime, let me share with you some of the art exclusive to the Gunslinger Edition!  
First up: the signed tip-in for the Gunslinger Edition.
And here we have the line art and the final colors for the dust jacket to the Gunslinger Edition, followed by the line art and final covers for the back of the dust jacket!

Sixth Gun #6

Issue #6 of the Sixth Gun is solicited right now in the most recent Previews.  What the solicitation doesn’t tell you is that there are 10 EXTRA PAGES of art and story for the same price as the standard issue.  This is a really cool thing that Oni is doing for a really cool issue (if I do say so myself)!  This is the big finale of the first story arc and we’re celebrating it in a big way! Get the word out!
“General Hume is at the gates of the Maw … and he’s brought Hell with him! It’s the final showdown between the forces of good and evil, and no-one is safe. If Drake survives the undead battalion … if he defeats Hume’s malevolent henchmen … he’s still gazing down the barrel of a shoot-out with the Confederate general not even death could stop!”

Want Some Gun?

click on the images to better read some of the great quotes!

The newest issue of PREVIEWS, out last week, contained the solicitation for isues #1 and #2 of THE SIXTH GUN! The first issue was offered FREE last weekend at Free Comic Book Day but I’m already hearing from a lot of people who were not able to get there hands on one due to the stores running out so quickly or just neglecting to carry it in the first place. So I wanted to post this gentle reminder that both issue #1 and #2 are available to order, right now, through your local retailer and will be released on the SAME DAY, July 14th! Do not take it for granted that your comic shop will carry this–be proactive–make them order the book!

SIXTH GUN Slingin’

From Cullen Bunn’s website:

“For those of you unable to snag a copy of The Sixth Gun #1 on
Free Comic Book Day, there is still hope!

“The May edition of Previews (for comics hitting shops in July) will feature a retail edition of #1 and #2 of the series. Both issues will be released on the same day! Make sure you place orders for these books, because we’d like to series to have a nice long life, and the readers can make that happen!

“The retail edition of #1 will feature a brand-new cover, and here’s a look …”

THE SIXTH GUN: Spoiler-Free Panel #1

Really wanted to share something from THE SIXTH GUN with you but I’m a little limited in my options right now. My main worry is sharing anything that has any kind of spoilers in it. I’ve found a handful of images from the first issue that are spoiler-free and I’ll be sharing those here on the blog over the next couple weeks.
I’m really excited with how the book is coming along and I can’t wait for everyone to see the first issue come Free Comic Book Day (May 1st)!

At No Cost To Ya’ll…

click the pic for a better look-see

I’ve been out of town and out of the loop for over a
week so that might explain how I missed this:
It’s official! Last week Oni Press announced on their blog that
issue #1 of THE SIXTH GUN will be absolutely FREE as part of this year’s
Free Comic Book Day offerings! I couldn’t be more excited about launching the book this way! Be sure to head to your local comic shop on May 1st to pick up your copy!

Happy New Year!

Them What Ails Ya, Part Four

Did I forget to mention that Part Three was posted last week? Yes I did. whoops.
It can still be found here.
If you are caught up you can make your way to the fourth and final installment of the SIXTH GUN Christmas yarn, “Them What Ails Ya'”! Head on over to the Oni blog to read Part Four.

Stay posted–I should have some new art from the book to share with you in the next week or too! I can’t wait!