Pen Sketch

Below is just a random sketch I did last night to unwind.

It’s been a real bummer of a week for me. A couple days before Halloween I had woke up with a stress fracture in my foot. It was intensely painful and just as intensely annoying. I had to move in with my folks for a couple weeks because living alone in a third floor walk-up and driving a manual transmission are not compatible with getting around on crutches. Simple things like carrying a coffee or a plate of food from the kitchen become impossible. Anyway, several weeks later and I was doing much, much better. I was walking and driving and driving again with no other aid than a slip-on brace for my foot. Then, deja vu, I woke up Wednesday morning in intense pain. It seems I’ve refractured my foot while sleeping again. Cruel, cruel world.
Just wanted to vent a bit…and maybe elicit some sympathy. I love sympathy.

380 thoughts on “Pen Sketch

  1. *cough*elicit*cough*

    (Illicit sympathy would be forbidden by law. But I don’t care what society’s narrow-minded rules say — I feel sympathy for you and I don’t care who knows it!)

  2. Illicit! Argh. There was a little bell that went off in the back of my mind when I typed that word but I ignored it. That’ll learn me. Thanks for pointing it out and thank God for the edit feature.

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