OK. You’ve Had Your Fun… Now Do Your Patriotic Duty and GO SHOPPING!

I hope everyone has safely emerged from their food comas.  Now it’s time to fight those crazy crowds! Or sit at your computer and order everything, like I do.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t hammer into your head that the absolute best gift you can give yourself (or the comic fan in your life) is the SIXTH GUN Hardcover edition!  And, if you are really feeling the X-Mas spirit (for yourself or others) you can pick up the limited edition SIXTH GUN: GUNSLINGER EDITION!  This beauty is available exclusively from Oni Press and will ship in time for X-Mas if you don’t delay!  You can check out pretty pictures of the Gunslinger Edition as well as order it:
In the meantime, let me share with you the line art and final colored versions of two prints that come with the Gunslinger Edition! (The third print is the cover to the retail edition which you can find in Tuesday’s post).

As always, my original art (perhaps even these pieces) is available for purchase at ComiConArt!

152 thoughts on “OK. You’ve Had Your Fun… Now Do Your Patriotic Duty and GO SHOPPING!

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