Marvel: After Hours

If you read Marvel comics anytime in the late 70’s or early 80’s then you are familiar with this kind of scene. Couple Marvel guys having a night out and playing a friendly game of poker. This was back in the days when smoking cigars was still prohibited in Marvel books (I mean, what kind of world are we living in where Ares can be ripped in half, guts everywhere, but Wolverine can’t smoke a stogy?). Anyway, this was a real fun piece for an old 80’s Marvel Zombie to bathe in the nostalgia of.
Below is the original drawing I did in advance of the larger piece. As I’ve stated before, I always work small for the initial drawing and then blow it up and lightbox it. In this case my original drawing is more detailed and worked out than usual due to all the components of this commission.

372 thoughts on “Marvel: After Hours

  1. this commission is amazing! you really should be working on a marvel book, especially one that has allows you access to every corner of the marvel u. like a marvel team-up or a marvel two-in-one. something like that would be sweet!

  2. Brian, this piece turned out wayyyyy better and much more detailed than I ever dreamed. Glad I waited for inspiration on this one, cause you knocked it out of the park. DD is reading the impressions of his cards. 😉

    I requested most of the gang picutred, though seeing it in a bar was fun and I’m still trying to figure out where Brian got the idea to place the disco-jumpsuit Beyonder in the background. I laughed out loud at the one. LOVE IT!

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