I Got Spade for Charity

Last month I attended the FX Show in Orlando. The organizers of the show sponsored a charity poker tournament featuring a special deck of cards–each designed by a different guest of the show. I was asked to do the 3 of Spades. Above is the original art and below is a scan of the actual playing card. The original art was supposed to be auctioned after the show with the proceeds from that and the tournament going to The American Cancer Society.

383 thoughts on “I Got Spade for Charity

  1. I tried looking for info online about any auction but I couldn’t find it. hmmm…
    If anyone knows anything about this auction please post it here.

  2. What a great idea and what a great sketch Brian! I’d love to see what others came up with!

    I love your work!!

    And you don’t post enough!!! 🙂

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