D to the O to the F to the P

That’s Days of Future Past to all you haters.

Ain’t nothing cooler that old Wolvie sporting those Reed Richard-looking white-walls.This commission was the very last page in someone’s X-Men sketchbook that was started sometime back in the ealry 90’s and has some great drawings by folks like Steve Epting and John Romita Jr. No pressure at all, right?
I got this commission after the owner of the sketchbook saw this old post.

165 thoughts on “D to the O to the F to the P

  1. brilliant! it turned out fantastic brian! love the details, especially the sentinels flying around in the sky! love it!

    -andy v.

  2. I could not possibly be happier with this! It just completely rocks and is perfect as the final page. You were totaly the right guy to complete this book! Thanks again,

    Shane S.

  3. Seeing this has really made me question what sketch I’ll be getting at Chicago. I just read The Damned today and really enjoyed it, so I’ve got some thinking to do, deciding between something you’ve worked on or maybe a superhero. Good work as always Brian.

  4. Shane-
    Glad you liked the piece–you know how nervous I was doing the last page in your sketchbook. I pretty happy with the way it turned out as well.

  5. Lambo-
    I’ll see you in Chicago! I’m up for whatever you’d like be it a super-hero or something I’ve worked on. If it isn’t something I’ve worked it’s always a good idea to bring some reference for me.

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