Bagged and Tagged

This is an image from a project I worked on over the weekend. Can’t really go into details on it (for fear for my life) but I wanted to share this one image with you.

309 thoughts on “Bagged and Tagged

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  20. An estimated 13 million men in America have
    problems with low testosterone, which occurs when the body fails
    to make enough hormones as a result of a difficulty with the testicles or pituitary gland.

  21. But doctors and patients must weigh risks and tthe advanttages of providing patients with testosterone supplementation based on the info
    provided by the FDA and orher research.

  22. The chance of increased risk of these illnesses with testosterone supplementaton is of great
    concsrn because treatments for both illnesses contain androgen suppression.

  23. Testosterone levels can decrease naturally as men age,
    and occasionally these levels can become lower than tthe standard range seen in young,
    healtrhy men.

  24. The group suggested that middle aged and older guys who are considering
    using testosterone therapy to treat age-related declines
    in this hormone should be waarned about the chance of
    heart-related side effects.

  25. Maturing menn maay also experience symptoms and signs like declines in energy level and diofficulties with sexual function, but
    it is doubtful whether these are due to the lowered testosterone levels or due to normal aging.

  26. Thiss iis normally because it didn’t consixt of the essential supplementations needed to ensure
    that the benefits of ttestosterone treatment
    are given the opportunity to appear and, more to the point, too keep unwanted,
    health -hindering side effects at bay.

  27. But the Brigham and Women’s team found thawt testosterone therapy didn’t razise
    their subjects’ risk for atherosclerosis, or hardening
    of the arteries, an important precursor to such cardiovascular events.

  28. While it’s understood that an increased cardiovascular risk is
    posed by low levels of testosterone, the risks versus gains of supplementation haven’t been clearly

  29. However, if the trteatment is for the appropriate purpose,
    under the proper condition and iss adinistered by a competitive aand licensed doctor, it can ssure deliver great advantages.

  30. The fact is that short intense bursts off exercise ike jogging,
    leaping, or only movement iin general have favorable affect on testosterone than long aerobics.

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  32. In addition, it depends on how many other cycles of
    Testosterone therapy you’ve participated in. Occasionally, remain stagnant or people’s awareness of
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  33. Therefore, due to these tdstosterone side effects, one should avoid taking testosterone supplements or drugs, particularly if the man is suffering benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), bleeding disorders, high cholesterol,any kind
    of cancer, liver or kidneey disorder, heart disease, etc.

  34. Women with increased testosterone levels as an effect
    of overuse or steroid use off official arrtificial testosterone will likely develop side effects like hoarseness, male-pattern baldness, deepening of voice,
    excessive hair growth, and menstrual irregularities.

  35. We enourage health care professionals and patients too report sidde effects including testosterone products to the FDA MedWatch program, using the advice in the Contact FDA”
    box at the bottom of the page.

  36. Yet guys suitably diagnosed with testosterone deficiency should consider treatment afteer ample conversation about
    the advantages as well as riskks person to their particular health status.

  37. Theey disssolve slowly over a few months, releasing small quantities of testosterone into the blood stream, but speeding up when needed bby the
    body – during strenuous tasks, foor example – and slowing dopwn during quiet times, a characteristic no
    other type of hormone therapy can provide.

  38. No two bodies are the same, so we should not
    expect the same cookie-cutter protocol will be an one-size-fits-all scenario for every testosterone
    replacement treatment participant.

  39. Pre-pubertal hypogonadism is usually defined by infantile genitalia and deficiency
    of virilization, while the development of hypogonadism after puberty frequently results iin complaints for example diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, infertility, gynecomastia, impaired masculinization, changes in body composition, decreases inn body and facial hair, and osteoporosis.

  40. Vigen R, ‘Donnell CI, Baron AE, et al. Association of
    testosterone therapy with mortality, myocardial infarction, and
    stroke in men with low testosterone levels.

  41. Based on the FDA, the usage of testosterone treatment has increased significantly, from 1.3 million patients in 2009 to
    2.3 million patients who had a prescription for testosterone
    products in 2013.

  42. Muraleedharan V, Marsh H, Kapoor D, Channer KS,
    Jones TH. Testosgerone deficiency is related to increased
    risk of mortality and testosterone replacement improves
    survival in meen with type 2 diabetes.

  43. On the other hand, testosterone therapy is safe and effective for the teatment of yooung men with hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency) that resulted from a disorder of the testes,
    pituitary or hypothalamus.

  44. An estimated 13 million men in the United States
    have problems with low testosterone, which happens
    when the body fails to mwke enough hormoones as a result
    oof a difficulty wih the testicles or pituitary gland.

  45. In a 12-week trial 51 of 34 women, testosterone therapy (1% cream, 10
    mg per day applied too thee thigh) improved well being, mood,
    and sexual function in premenopausal women with low libido and low testosterone

  46. The number of girls iin the USA currently on testosterone therapy is estimated to be in tthe tens of thousands – miniscule compared with
    the millions prescribed oral estrogen-progestin regimens, like Premarin and Provera.

  47. Some of the benefits of HGH, Human Growth Hormone replacement treatment aare a decrease in fat, a gain of neew muscle, reduction of
    wrinkles (aka healthy and thicker skin), re-growth orr regeneration of internal organs, increase bone strength and density, fortify or balanxe the
    iimmune system and general anti-aging properties.

  48. See, as you raise your testosterone levels through means of injectable testosterone treatment or any other testosterone enhancement plan that
    truly works, the normal signals from your brain to your testicles to produce testosterone
    (your luteinizing hormone LH) stop.

  49. Not only were these valuations prticey but at times, they were
    also not reliable because testosterone level suggested in the blood is not easy to interpret.

  50. We learn a lot in the news about sport and weight lifters using anabolic steroids tto increase muscle mass, but this is also different from the testosterone and HGH blend
    discussed in this post.

  51. What human Chorionic Gonadotropin does is precisely mimic the luteinizing hormone (LH) that
    your brain uses to indicate the need for testosterone production by
    the testes.

  52. When your brain scans and checks your body in itts attempt to regulate your hormonal
    secretion as needed through thhe day and itt detects that testosterone levels elevated resulting from a powerful
    testosterone treatment and are fine, its own natural production ceases in manufacturing.

  53. Lengthy use of manufactured testosterone can cause shrinking of testicles, gynecomastia (breast growth in men), reduced
    or increased sex drive, reduced sperm production, clitoral enlargement, male pattern baldness, and
    water retention.

  54. Guys who are 80 yars old have testosterone values that are one-half to one third of those in men who are 20 years oldd It’s now controversial
    in medical guidelines regarding whether testosterone dwcline due to aging alone should be treated ,
    however, mokst clinical pros concur: low is low, and men who
    meet symptom and proper laboratory criteria for testosterone insufficiency deserve treatment at any age.

  55. The finest anti aging philosophy is founded on your lifestyle byy eating healthy food, exercising, use
    sunblock, reducing stress and getting enough sleep.

  56. Again, it isn’t a requirement but, the patient that is interested in therapy to improved future annd his health usually follows tthe doctor’s advice on repeat blood work.

  57. Just like oother kinds of testosterone, the testosterone patrch can caise hair loss, oral problems, headaches,
    tiredness, low sexual drive, skiin irritations aand many other allergy symptoms.

  58. Muraleedharan V, Marsh H, Kapooor D, Channer KS, Jones TH.
    Testosterone deficiency is associated with icreased risk
    of mortality annd testosterone replacement improves survival in men with type 2 diabetes.

  59. Testosterone therapy is widely used to help address
    the effects that low testosteroe can hve on bone density, muscle mass and
    strength, cognition, metabolic function and mood.

  60. If low testosterone symptoms are occurring as a result of correctable heaalth state and
    an underlying, then it is important to treat that underlying illness
    in place of simply attempt to normalize the testosterone levels with hormone therapy in isolation.

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