O Brother, Weird Art Thou?

Brother Voodoo–Marvel 70’s horror meets 70’s Blackploitation! It’s a magical mix!
I was telling some friends recently that I would love to do a Marvel comic that takes place in 1970’s New York and has a French Connection vibe. I’d put Brother Voodoo in it as well as Power Man, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Tony Stark (as if played by Burt Reynolds) and of course a cameo by Dazzler. Marvel should run with this–it’d be like printing money.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Occult Dirty Bastard

John Constantine, the quintessential occult detective. It has been a long time since I’ve read Hellblazer and doing this commission really brought back memories of how much I liked the book back in the day. I’m talking 15 year ago, maybe. I read the entire Ennis/Dillon run as well as some before and some after but when they left the title I more or less left with them. I really should go back and pick up some of the later runs.
When I received this request I was actually kind of struck that no one had ever asked me to do a Constantine drawing before. It seemed right down my alley but I can honestly say that I had the hardest time of any commission ever to come up with a composition that I liked. In the end I think it all worked out though. The second hardest commissions? Oddly enough, the ones that feature characters from THE DAMNED (my creator owned series). Can’t explain it…

Them What Ails Ya, Part Four

Did I forget to mention that Part Three was posted last week? Yes I did. whoops.
It can still be found here.
If you are caught up you can make your way to the fourth and final installment of the SIXTH GUN Christmas yarn, “Them What Ails Ya'”! Head on over to the Oni blog to read Part Four.

Stay posted–I should have some new art from the book to share with you in the next week or too! I can’t wait!

Sand By Me


I love the classic Spider-Man rogues gallery so it was a lot of fun to do this drawing of old web-head going up against Sandman. The biggest challenge was the all grey wash background–it took forever to build up!

Them What Ails Ya, Part One

The Sixth Gun is the upcoming full-color, supernatural western from writer Cullen Bunn and myself. Although the first issue doesn’t release until the spring we do have a little introduction to this world to share with you. Head on over to the Oni Press blog to see the first of four installments of THE SIXTH GUN Christmas Yarn: Them What Ails Ya. This prose story will come out every Tuesday between now and Christmas and each installment will be accompanied by an illustration by myself.
Hope ya’ll like it!

Ape in the Air

This recent commission called on me to do a version of the classic Hawkman cover where he battles a winged ape (see the original below). Winged characters now join my list of most challenging super-heroes to draw (along with archers and speedsters)–the images are hard to compose because you have to make room for those big ‘ol wings! But don’t think that that means I didn’t enjoy doing this piece! I’m always up for a challenge!
Hope you all like it!

The Sixth Gun in the Twelfth Month

There’s a little bit of news on the Sixth Gun front including the newly revealed, official logo! Instead of me regurgitating it all for you here why not pop over to the Oni Press blog and read about what’s in store for the month of December–click here!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And to my non-American readers–Happy Thursday!

The Lightning Round

For this commission I was asked to riff on the cover to Thor #411 where the God of Thunder goes up against the Juggernaut. This was a classic from the Ron Frenz era of Thor. As much as I love the Walt Simonson run it wasn’t until much later that I came to appreciate the art stylings of Mr. Frenz. He was obviously, channeling Kirby when he worked on this series and he really captured the weight, power, and dynamism of “The King’s” art. Here’s the original cover to this Clash of the Titans:

I Feel the Need. The Need for Speed.

Another recent commission to share with you all. I braced myself when I got this request because I feel that speedsters are some of the hardest characters to draw (and make interesting compositions with). You might say that they’re my Achilles Heel (groan). But as I lay in bed one night mulling this over (this is a my most tried and true method of brainstorming) this image just popped in my head and the final result is about as close as I ever get to creating what’s in my mind’s eye. I’m very happy with the final result and I hope you all like it too.