Hourman in Columbus

This is officially the last post from the Mid-Ohio show. This piece was done in advance of the show and at the last minute the person it was intended for could not attend. I promised to mail it to him after the show but it was a hard promise to keep. It sat there in my portfolio on the table and I had several people who wanted to buy it off me then and there. Don’t think I didn’t entertain the idea. Needless to say, I resisted, and the drawing found it’s way to it’s rightful owner.This is my last post before the holidays–I’m going on vacation tomorrow and won’t have access to a computer until the new year. Until then…Happy Holidays everyone!

Ragnarok N’ Roll

It’s probably been said before that when I first started reading comics, it was Thor that brought me from G.I. Joe into the Marvel Universe. It was about midway through the Walt Simonson run on the book and I still maintain that Thor has never been as good.Anyway, needless to say, this was a lot of fun to draw!

Sophie’s Choice

Yes, folks–another drawing from Mid-Ohio. Be patient, we’re almost to the end of these–just two more, I believe.
This one is Sophie, from The Damned, of course. I know you all know who she is because I know you all read the book at least 3 times and loved it enough to buy copies for all your close friends and immediate family. Surprisingly, this is only the second time anyone has asked that I draw one of my own characters. As busy as I’ve been this is the first time I’ve drawn any characters from The Damned in a couple months. Can’t wait to get back to working on the follow-up. Just another month or so…

Rasputin the Dragonslayer

Two more from Mid-Ohio! Continuing a trend started at last years Heroes Con, I have been asked to return to doing an X-Man, by way of Asgard. Always a ton of fun! I’m pretty happy with the way this one turned out. I have a feeling I’ll be doing more of these in the future.It’s not often that I’m asked to draw a dragon but I loved the challenge. My favorite dragon? It’s the black scary one from Sleeping Beauty. Least favorite dragon? Puff the Magic Dragon (that song made me cry when I was a little kid) or maybe that puppy dog looking dragon with the weird eyes from NeverEnding Story. The one that looked like a theme park ride. Falkor!

Both of these were done for a guy who tends to like to get fantasy themed commissions–which is completely fine by me, I love playing in that world. I will say that the other piece he commissioned at the show will probably stand the test of time as being the only time I’ll be asked to draw a “bar wench”. In the end, I think that one turned out pretty well, actually.

The Dude’s Legacy

The Nexus one was fun to do because in looking around for some reference I was reintroduced to Steve Rude’s art. I had forgotten how amazing he is. Want to feel intimidated while doing a commission? Try drawing a character that is so closely identified while the art stylings of one of our generations greatest draftsmen. That said, I was pretty happy with the way this final piece turned out.
While at Mid-Ohio I saw an early copy of Steve Rude: An Artist in Motion (due out this month). If you’re any kind of a fan of “The Dude’s” art, I highly recommend this book. It’s a really nice production chock full of sketches, studies, paintings, etc. Keep an eye out for it!

We Interrupt These Con Posts…

I still have plenty of drawings from my recent show to share with you but I had to point out something that almost slipped past me. I hadn’t been to the comics shop in a couple weeks so I was quite surprised and happy when I dropped in today. On the shelf was the new Fear Agent (#17 or Hatchet Job 1 of 5). Normally that would be enough to get excited about, but what really made my day was seeing my pin-up on the back cover. Now, this wasn’t a surprise, I had done the pin-up two or three months ago–I just wasn’t sure exactly when it’d see print. I was also really happy with the way the thing printed. I had done the color on the piece as well and had tried a couple new ways of approaching that (just trying to be a little more painterly in Photoshop) and to see it turn out more or less the way I had intended was quite a joy. I still got a ways to go to meet Tony Moore’s level of coloring but it was tons of fun none-the-less. This drawing was so much fun to do–Fear Agent is such a change of pace from the kind of comics I’m used to doing. I’m not given much of a chance to delve into the fantastic (even The Damned can be a little too “grounded” for my tastes sometimes). Here’s hoping there’s more of this kind of work in my future.

One Ring to Rule Them All

I’m thinking about just doing a whole series of JSA drawings in advance of my next show. They are so much fun to do and it seems for every one I do I have 3 or 4 other people trying to buy it off me. I hadn’t realized how deep the fan base for these characters are. Of all the JSA characters, the Alan Scott Green Lantern is probably my favorite to draw.