Sharks VS The Jets

This piece is a commission I just recently finished (approx. 10″x15″–Sumi ink on Bristol). I don’t believe I would have ever drawn either the Predators or Aliens had it not been for this commission, so I really had a fun time doing this.
Below is the original thumbnail I did (4 1/2″x 7″–brush pens on Bristol).

If you’re inerested in a commission feel free to email me by going to the “about me” section of this blog. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes! And a 60GB video iPod!

Beneath Black Boughs…

This is an illustration for a chapbook my friend Cullen Bunn wrote.
It also marks my first time using my new Wacom tablet to color/tone with. It certainly made it a lot easier–I think I’m in love.
(Note: this post was written over a week ago–I only just now got around to posting it. I’ve also since gone on to color the previously posted Q&C cover using the aforementioned Wacom tablet. I still love it.)

A Cover Process: Queen & Country #30 Pt. 2

Here it is, the final colored version of Queen & Country #30. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I always love working with the guys at Oni because the give the artist all kinds of room to do what feels right to them. I gave them one sketch and they said “Do it!”, and that was it. If only all jobs were that easy.
I think I’ve got three more covers to do for Q&C–I’ll be sure to throw them up here as they come along.

A Cover Process: Queen & Country #30

As always, click on image to enlarge.

1) Thumbnails

2) Pencils done on a sheet of copy paper (8 1/2″x 11″)

3) Then I blow up the pencils to apprx. 8″x 12″ (still, smaller than many artists work at) and lightbox them onto Bristol (in this case Smooth but I usually prefer Vellum finish for interiors). I don’t have a scan of just the tight pencils, but, the next closest thing is the above image, which shows the part of the image that I used Sakura’s Pigma Micron Pens on.

4) The rest was done with a #2 round sable brush and Sumi Ink.

5) Here’s the final inked version of the cover (I filled the blacks in Photoshop).

Tomorrow I’ll post the final colored version.

“Transplants”, the Good Guys

This is the companion piece to a post from a couple weeks ago. Whereas those were the baddies–these are our protagonists.
I only just now got around to drawing it.
Have I ever mentioned that group shots and posed character designs/sketches are my absolute least favourite thing to draw. I really hate it. I’m getting ready to work on another pitch with the same writer and I’ve proposed a slightly different approach to doing the character sketches. Whenever we get a little further into that project I’ll be sure to share them here.

New Sketchbook

I just bought a new sketchbook yesterday and I’m starting to break it in. The previous post is a colored version of a sketch from the first page. This is the second page of the sketchbook. I’m just starting to flesh out a world and a skeleton of an idea for a story–that’s what you’re seeing here and in this previous post. It may not seem like much but when I draw and think about story it creates a sense memory for me so that every time I look at said drawing it conjures back the ideas I had while creating it. Does that make sense? I’ve had other artists tell me similar things before.
An extension of that is when I can sometimes remember which song, news story, or phone conversation I may have been having when I drew a particular page or panel. The mind’s a funny thing.